HYDRATING MOISTURE MASK                            
It is so easy for moisture to escape from hair in our day to day lives. Daily use of heated styling tools (straighteners, blow dryers, curlers), colouring our hair, even the natural elements (sun, salt water, harsh water) can effect the condition of our hair. With continued use; The Eco-Luxe Moisture Mask will help hydrate and repair this day to day damage for stronger, healthier, more nourished locks!
To be used on DRY hair - Who has spare time in the shower anyway?
Distribute the mask from scalp to endsMaking sure to generously cover your ends
Leave in for a minimum of 30 minutes - Leave our hydrating mask in for as long as possible - the more time in your hair, the better the results!
Shampoo twice
leave in moisturiser...
For curly, frizzy, or hard to manage hair, apply a small amount of our hydrating mask to the ends of your hair; as these are the most damaged and in need of some love! 
We all live in denial that our babies are growing up, and if you are anything like me and can't bring yourself to cut your little ones hair just yet; using the Eco-Luxe Moisture Mask will help hydrate those baby fine ends and bide us a little more time.  
To be used on DRY hair
Distribute the mask from mid-lengths to ends
Leave in for a minimum of 30 minutes - The longer in, the more benefits the hair receives
Shampoo twice
Ah beloved cradle cap; a new parents best friend, something that isn’t boasted about in your anti natal classes but hey, welcome to parenthood! Don’t be alarmed by its unsightly exterior; cradle cap is not contagious or painful. Most babes’ cradle cap will eventually go away on its own accord, however the Eco-Luxe Moisture Mask will help to gently ease/accelerate the natural process.
To be used on dry hair
Distribute mask all over bambino’s scalp
Leave in for a minimum of half an hour – can be left as long as desired
Gently comb over bambino’s scalp (a fine tooth comb works best) convincing the cradle cap to lift away
If cradle cap is visual around hairline; place some of the mask on a wash cloth and gently rub in a circular motion around hairline
Shampoo twice
*The mask may not all rinse out in one go; allow all the beautiful oils & butters to slowly absorb into bambino's scalp (This is why it is so important to make the most natural choice when it comes to your baby’s hair & skin care!) This will really help to moisturise bubs scalp and help prevent the cradle cap returning.
If desired - rinse/shampoo the following bath to eliminate any remaining oil
*Always take your time when removing cradle cap, and be as gentle as possible with your sweet little bundle. It might not all be ready to come off at once; and just like our little ones, the process doesn't like to be rushed.
We have all had that sudden urge or need to drastically change our hair colour!
Whether you have recently had or are thinking about a colour service that requires "lightening" your current hair colour (blonde foils, balayage/ombre, root lift etc) our Eco-luxe moisture mask will be your new best friend!

The better condition your hair is in the easier it will be to achieve your new desired colour.
Becoming blonde is no walk in the park, and generally never a one step process! Be sure to keep your locks healthy and strong throughout this journey by using your
mask both BEFORE & AFTER each highlighting service. 
Refer to "HYDRATING MOISTURE MASK" for detailed directions on how to use.
There is only one thing more attractive than seeing your man be a proud father; one who attires a well groomed beard whilst doing it - of course
And one even better if it smells of vanilla and coconut!
Use our Eco-Luxe Moisture Mask as a treatment/styling cream to help moisturise and de-frizz your father fuzz.
Using a small amount rub mask in hands and distribute through beard and the skin underneath extra hydrating if applied straight after a shower when the skin is warm
Leave mask in
re-apply as often as desired or remembered
There can be multiple reasons to have a dry or irritated scalp; naturally very common among people with both thick and curly hair, or from constantly wearing your hair up (mum bun lovers I’m looking at you!) Although convenient, this restricts our scalp from 'breathing'.
Be sure to always give your scalp a good brush prior to applying the Eco-Luxe Moisture Mask (this will help lift away any dry scalp trapped at the roots). Going to bed with wet hair is a also a big NO NO! Not only can it contribute to scalp irritations but cause breakage and massively contribute to frizz.
We highly recommend seeing a specialist for a professional opinion to rule out any underlying health issue’s creating the problem.
Brush your scalp well before applying mask - a brush with lots of bristles works best
Always use your mask on DRY hair
Distribute the whipped hair mask generously over your scalp
Apply mask to the rest of your locks
Leave in for a minimum of 30 minutes - Leave our hydrating mask in for as long as possible - the more time in your hair, the better the results!
Gentle heat (or sitting in the sunshine) can help the mask to infuse further but not a necessity
Shampoo twice