Q) How long will my order take to reach me?


All orders are shipped within 5-7 business days

(However we endeavour to post the following business day)

Australia Wide shipping only

All orders are complimentary gift wrapped

Brisbane: 2–5 Business days

Melbourne: 3-6 Business days

Sydney: 4-7 Business days

Hobart | Perth | Adelaide: 5-8 Business days

Regional areas: 2-8 Business days

International: N/A

Q) Who can use the Eco-luxe moisture mask?

The Eco-Luxe Moisture Mask is safe for everyone In the household. From the littlest babe with cradle cap to the three-nager who wants to be Rapunzel but runs at the sight of a brush. The actual teenager who dedicates 80% of her life to straightening her locks. Dad’s with their beloved beards and Mum’s who want to feel like they spent all day at the salon but in reality don’t want to leave the house or PJ's. 

Free from essential oils making it safe for both pregnant and nursing mothers (always check with your practitioner if concerned when using a new product) And always read your ingredient’s! If you find you are sensitive to a lot of products always do a small patch test first. DO NOT use if you have a Nut or Tree Nut allergy

Q) How often should I use my mask?

We recommend using your mask once a week to keep your locks incredibly hydrated and nourished. However, because the mask is only full of the good stuff you can use as often as desired. Being free from any artificial fragrances, preservatives and toxins we recommend using your mask within 3 months of opening


Q) How much should I use?

Depending on your hairs length and thickness we suggest starting with 1/2 a teaspoon size and working your way up from there.


Q) Why has my mask changed its appearance/texture?

The Eco-Luxe Moisture Mask contains both Shea butter and Coconut oil that turn to liquid if exposed to high heat and than solidifies again at a cooler temperature.

Please DO NOT PANIC, this is totally normally! You can use the mask in its pure oil form; however if preferred, place your mask in the fridge to quickly re-set*. 

Shea butter can also become 'grainy', once again this is totally normal and the grainy texture will dissolve as you rub it between your hands.

Always store your mask in a cool, dry area

*we do not recommend always storing your mask in the fridge as it will set to firm; if this occurs leave out at room temperature to soften


Q) Where should I store my mask?

Because your mask is only made with the highest quality natural and organic ingredients, keep stored in a cool, dry area; away from direct sunlight. Always make sure you re seal your container after each use, and apply the mask with clean hands.

Please do NOT store in the shower where it is constantly changing in temperature (which is fine because we don’t do our treatments in the shower anyways)


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