How to naturally remove CRADLE CAP

Ah beloved cradle cap; a new parents best friend, something that isn’t boasted about in your anti natal classes but hey, welcome to parenthood! Don’t be alarmed by its unsightly exterior; cradle cap is not contagious or painful. Most babies’ cradle cap will eventually go away on its own accord, however the Eco-Luxe Moisture Mask will help to gently ease/accelerate the natural process.

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To be used on dry hair
Distribute mask all over baby’s scalp
Leave in for a minimum of half an hour – can be left as long as desired
Gently comb over baby’s scalp (a fine tooth comb works best) convincing the cradle cap to lift away
If cradle cap is visual around hairline; place some of the mask on a wash cloth and gently rub in a circular motion around hairline
Shampoo twice


*The mask may not all rinse out in one go; allow all the beautiful oils & butters to slowly absorb into bambino's scalp. If desired - rinse/shampoo the following bath to eliminate any remaining oil

**Always take your time when removing cradle cap, and be as gentle as possible with your sweet little bundle. It might not all be ready to come off at once; and just like our little ones, the process doesn't like to be rushed.

Before and after